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Adding Music (Midi Embed)
Hey, I want some damn music on my page. Can I do that here at Blogdrive?
Of course you can place music on your blogdrive page, duh.
However, the folks here at blogdrive don't (with some exceptions) recommend it.
Why is that mister blogdrive man?
Well to begin with, embedded music slows the loading of your web page. Remember, there's a lot of stuff to be loaded when a visitor comes to your page, and if you've been doing quizzies and adding images, well you get the picture. Not all embedded music is compatible with all browsers and depending on what you've placed on your page, can often cause a browser to hang or crash. Making your music an option rather then setting it up for "auto-play" can help reduce such events.

Also, when using Midi files (.mid) , remember that not all sound cards are created equal. The music you're hearing when playing a midi file is not the music your visitors hear. Although there is a GM standard for instrument assignment and such, unless all your visitors have exactly the same sound card you do, the music will sound different. Often times undesirable. Sometimes, quite crappy. There are also player issues, that are beyond the scope of this writing.

We do recommend using the mp3 format for putting music on your page. It's easy to add code, and if you or your visitors have a decent mp3 player like winamp, there will not be much load on the system. Although mp3 files are usually much larger then midi files, the music is from the actual source (i.e. your favorite bands) and not just a series of electronic arrangements triggering your sound card without the use of actual instruments or vocals.
Click here to learn about adding MP3 music to your page.

That being said, here are a few ways to get music into your blogdrive page.

What file formats can be used in my page?
The <EMBED> tag plays audio files in WAV, AIFF, AU, and MIDI formats.

MIDI (.mid) format gives you sound card dependant audio. Non-vocal instrumentals (popular).
WAV (.wav) format was developed for use with Microsoft's Windows. This file format is generally used on the web for short speech.
AU (.au) was developed by Sun Micro Systems and is similar to wav, used for short speech.
AIFF (.aiff) was developed by Apple.

The following examples can be placed anywhere within your Blogdrive Main Template.

Here is how to use an <EMBED> tag:

<EMBED SRC="your_file.mid" AUTOSTART=false WIDTH=144 HEIGHT=60 LOOP=1>

If set to false, the visitor can decide to hear music or not by pressing the play button, allowing the visitor to turn off other apps that may be using her/his sound card. This can also be set to true, making your music play automatically.

This tells browser how many times to play the midi file. X could be an integer, true, or false. Setting it to LOOP=true, will play your file repeatedly until the stop button on the console is clicked.

This determines the size of the sound control console. Setting them as the given numbers, browsers will display a full console. Setting the width to 0 and height to 2 will not display a full console. Other values that are too small will cause the browser to display an incomplete image. You might also hide it by placing HIDDEN=true like this:
<EMBED SRC="your_file.mid" AUTOSTART=false HIDDEN=true LOOP=1>

It's a good idea to give an alternative to people who are using browsers that do not support the embedded sound:

<embed src="your_file.mid" hidden="true" autostart="false" loop="1">
<noembed>Your browser doesn't support the EMBED tag, but you can still listen to the music on this page by <a href="you_file.mid">clicking here.</a></noembed>

Browsers that do not support the EMBED tag will display the link inside <noembed> tag.  

Great, where to I get MIDI (.mid) files?
Go to yahoo or google or wherever and type in something like "free midi files".
There's a whole bunch out there. If they are copyrighted you will have to get permission to use them.
As you may or may not know, they must also be uploaded to the web so they can be used.

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