Q. What is a blog Site?
A. Self-publishing in your underwear.

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Blogs have taken the Internet by storm, and they're the easiest way to publish your brilliant thoughts. Basically, a Blog (short for "Weblog") is an interactive, personalized Web journal for posting your views, art, rants, raves, reviews, pictures, music-anything that you want to share with the teaming masses (or a private group). You can make blog entries ("posts" or "updates") to your Weblog any time you want-like a what's new page or a journal-from news updates, to humor, insights, enrages, outrages, loves, hates, true and fictional stories. Whatever you want. It's up to you. Okay, not everyone posts entries to their Blogs in their underwear, but they probably should (hey, you're already baring your soul!)

Share the love. Most people like to personalize their Blogs to make them an extension of who they are. And with Blogdrive, you can make your Blog as colorful or as plain as you want. With our easy-to-use templates, you can show people that you're a sweet, gentle soul, or a tortured, misunderstood soul-or anything in between-it's up to you. What is a Blog? Journal-like Entries organized by chronology - the latest posts are usually at the top, and older posts can be easily viewed by visitors. Come across an amazing new band that no one's ever heard of? Let people know. Enraged by the fact that the leader of the free world pronounces a fairly important word like "nuclear" nucular"? Come on, share your outrage. Found a great new site for volunteering to help the homeless? Go ahead, share the love. In a band? Well, unless you constantly drive traffic to your band's Web site, you may not get a lot of visitors showing up to get the latest update. That's where a Blog comes in. In a book club? Let the group know through the club Blog that next week everyone will be expected to be finished with War and Peace.

It's a group thang. Today, you need a community to share the news with-all through a site that's quick and easy for your visitors to understand. The latest posting about your upcoming CD release is right at the top-customized the way you want it, with graphics, and links, and info. It's all about building community, and a Blog is critical to building a community base-whether you're in a band or trying to get feedback on your latest short story.

And another cool thing? Blogdrive offers an "Instant Messaging" chat box right on your Blog page, so you can chat with your friends and family in real time-without having to explain to grandma how to install the special AIM software thingy. Blogs can be all business too. Need to keep your office up to date on your progress in field, but hate calling in? Send them a link to your Blog and tell them to check it every morning. Whatever your communication needs, you can keep you're the people who need to know up to date.

Blogdrive automates (and accelerates) the Blog publishing process without requiring you to write any code or worry about installing, well, anything. As long as you have a Web browser and an Internet connection, you're good to go. And yet, you'll have total control over the look, feel, and location of your Blog. "Genius!" you say, "But how?" We at Blogdrive have been busy trying to make the technical details of Web publishing magically disappear. You don't have to learn HTML or any code for that matter, because our editable templates make updating your page as simple as filling in a user-friendly form on the Blogdrive web site. The result? Your posts show up immediately on your Blog site, just the way God…er, you intended it. Oh, and did we mention that it's free?

You need about two minutes to register, then think the thoughts you want to publish and they magically appear on the Web page. Oh, no, wait a minute. That's not right at all. Okay, actually, you use one of our user-friendly "templates" ( you'll see thumbnail pictures inside your admin area for some examples) for your posts, pictures, and links. Blogdrive's easy-to-use entry editor lets you simply enter the information and when you're ready, you hit a "Publish" button. And formatting is easy too. You can organize your posts in tables, lists, bullets, right, left, or centered, use italics, and bold, and use any color you want for your text. And they're really easy to edit, too. What, you accidentally included an embarrassing reference that you definitely don't want people to see? No problem. You can edit it quickly and easily.

Hey, if you're a code warrior, cheers! Blogdrive is perfect for you! If you already have a Web site that you want Blogdrive to publish to, you simply need FTP access to it (contact your Internet Service Provider for details). But if you don't already have a Web site, don't worry, Blogdrive will host your blog page for you. Your template can even contain JavaScript. (If you're not familiar with this stuff, don't worry-it's not necessary.) Want to edit the template itself? No problem. Blogdrive offers Full Page editing. Create your own design from top to bottom and save. Change it as often as you wish. Share your custom templates with friends. The possibilities are limitless!

You have things on your mind, so share them. It's easier than ever to put your views, your art, or anything else on the Web. And with Blogdrive's templates, you can make your piece of the Web reflect who you are. It's easy. Blogdrive gives you the power to broadcast your brilliance to everyone, whether you're into sharing your thoughts, you art, your music, or just pictures of your cat.


Multiple weblogs/journals
One Blogdrive account can support many blogs. Allowing you to create multiple blogs with different subject matters and then place them in different categories (optional). You can also have different authors and permissions for each blog. All under one roof, fully editable.

Multiple Authors
You can set up a group of authors for each blog. Invite users to share in your blog. With fully customizable access levels for each author. For instance, you can set permissions that only allow them to add posts and publish, or to alter design and edit or delete entries. It's up to you.

WYSIWYG Editing (IE only)
The coolest, easiest way to create and edit Blog entries around. Corporate BS? Over-the-top hype? We think not. Because whether you're a Web guru or HTML challenged, the WYSIWYG* ("What You See Is What You Get") editing interface makes it easy to create edgy, engaging entries with graphics, colored and formatted text, tables-in short, anything you want to do with your Blog without knowing any HTML at all! If you've ever worked with a word processing application, you'll already be familiar with some of the features offered (there are some additional uber-cool features that you'll love too). But If you're already familiar with HTML (and don't need no stinkin' WYSIWYG interface), you can edit and code to your hearts content. Or you can use both-it's your call! There is a lofi editor available that will perform most HTML tasks with just a couple clicks.

Built-in Tag Board
What is a Tag board? Each free Blogdrive account comes with an optional Tag Board for chatting, or when visitors to your page just want to say hi and perhaps leave a link. It works in all modern browsers: Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Opera 4+, Mozilla, AOL. Any Email address or URL that is entered in the URL field will automatically be converted to links. When someone tags your board, it will automatically refresh in your browser and all of your visitor's browsers, so all can see. You can customize most of the look of your tag board with your own CSS. From your blog admin section, you can remove any post at any time.

Built-in commenting system
Blogdrive provides a built-in commenting system; no need for external services. What is it? This allows your visitors to post comments on your entries. This is an optional feature and any comment entry can be removed at any time. You can also exclude commenting on any blog entry. The comment pop-up contains a summary of your entry for easy reference by your visitors.

New hair product? Nope. Having Permalinks allow your visitors to bookmark a specific entry. Here's how it works: When making an entry, you'll have a Permalink checkbox option. When checked, a new link will be placed at the bottom of your entry. When your visitor clicks the link they will be brought to a virtual page that contains only that specific entry with comments. This way they can bookmark that specific entry for easy recall. You can also create a link from that entry and add it to a favorite entries area on your side section for example.

Email Entries
You email freak you. Got to do everything by email heh? Well, ok. This feature allows you to create entries in your favorite email program and send them directly to your Blog, whoopdee splat! This means of course that no matter where you are, as long as you have email access, you can update your Blog! Ain't life grand? Got email access from your cell phone? Well Mister Moblogger, if you're at say...Disney Land and get the sudden urge to Blog, with this feature it's a snap!

Full Page Editing
You can edit your page in many different ways. In separate sections i.e., profile, header, side, etc. Or edit and redesign the entire page to create a template skin that you can save and/or share with your friends. Combine template tags with standard HTML (or whatever) to build a custom site. The design possibilities are limitless.

Entry Editing Capabilities
Edit or delete any entry including visitor comments and tag-board entries at any time.

Quick Edit Tool
Instantly revise any entry directly from your blog page. When active, an "Edit" link appears next to you entry title. Only you can see the "Edit" link (while you're logged in) when visiting your Blog. This makes it easy to correct a mistake after you've created an entry and are viewing your Blog.

Archive Calendar
Blogdrive uses an archive calendar, making it easy for your viewers to navigate though the months and days of your blogging activity.

Email notification system
This feature is optional and customizable. It allows your visitors to add their email to a notification list from your page. Then, automatic notification messages will be sent to them via email when you post a new entry to your blog. You can add or remove an email in your notification list at any time.

Publicity Pings
What is a ping? This feature is optional. Every time you make an entry It sends XML-RPC pings to weblogs.com and blo.gs' Recently Updated List.

Contact Form
Blogdrive offers an easy to use contact form on every Blog. Your visitors just click a contact link on your page and up pops a form allowing them to contact you directly, via email. The best part is you don't have to keep an email link on your page, where it might be exposed to dubious types out harvesting emails for spam and such. Your visitor never learns of your email address unless you give it to them.

So you're out surfin' the web (or crawling, depending on your connection speed) and you want to make an entry to your Blog, but you don't want to go visit your page or Blogdrive to do it. No problem, we've got just the thing. The Blogdrive Mini-Meditor! It allows you make an entry to your Blog without having to go anywhere. Read more about it here.

Blog Categories
Allow your blog to be listed in up to 3 categories from a selection of many. This feature will aid you in gaining popularity for your blog. You can create a blog for one set of categories and another for a different set. This feature of course is optional. The categories themselves are listed off the home page of blogdrive for viewing by visitors.

Multiple Locations
After creating your blog account, your page is automatically hosted on our servers and located on the web using the destination you selected during signup, i.e., http://yourname.blogdrives.com. You can continue to let blogdrive host your blog site or you can send your entire blog page via FTP to the website of your choice. (contact your Internet Service Provider for details). Every time you make an entry to your page or update your layout, the site you've selected via FTP will also be updated. You can also select to have both locations host your blog page.

Clean Interface
Blogdrive has a very clean, intuitive user interface, making your blog life easy, and its rock solid. No black backgrounds with bright red text here!

Header graphics
If you're graphically challenged and would like a nice header graphic at the top of your page to enhance the layout you've selected, we have many to chose from. Just visit the layout/design section of your blog account and select from a list. You can also edit the header section with HTML as well.

Did You Say Free!
Well yes, we did. There are more features not listed here that you will see for yourself after sign up, which takes just a couple minutes. What is the catch? Ya had to go and bring that up didn't you? Well there really isn't one, except that we ask you keep a pesky banner on your page.

So what are you waiting for? It's free, it's cool, go to the sign-up area.

The Blogdrive Team